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Wines from somewhere, rather than wines from anywhere

Here at Estbek we have what we hope you will agree is one of the most unique collections in the UK, specialising in Australian and New Zealand wines with some wines imported solely for Estbek and many more being extremely rare in the UK. With a combination of over 200 bins our list covers a full plethora of styles, tastes and pockets alike, maybe you would like to try one back-vintages from our friends at Pewsey Vale Vineyard or the 1998 McRae wood Shiraz from the Jim Barry winery, or one of the Jansz Vintages made by our good friend Natalie?

Here we really do believe in wines from somewhere and not just anywhere as is often the case in restaurants up and down the country, even taking that further with many of the winemakers being good friends of Estbek - along the way helping ensure we have the very best that they can showcase and regular wine dinners when their over in the UK.

One of the driving forces in Australian and New Zealand wines is the development of the regional styles, everyone (rightly) thinks of France in terms of its regions, we never say "I'll have a bottle of Pinot Noir" and then buy one from Bordeaux, it simply would not be right, you would go to Burgundy.

So why do we all say "I'll have a bottle of Australian Shiraz" or "I don't like Australian Chardonnay..." look at France it makes a raft of styles with the chardonnay grape to suit most palates and you would not buy a Syrah from Chablis region, it would be way to cold to reach any level of quality.

So why don't we think of Australia and New Zealand in the same context? It's the same question many producers and the Wine Australia industry body are trying to help answer.

For our part that's where this lists steps in, showcasing the regions of Australia and New Zealand!

When you dining at Estbek and you would like any help in choosing a bottle of wine, please do ask either myself or a member of our team.

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